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Attention coaches, consultants, experts and entrepreneurs:

Discover How to Create Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages™ that Attract the Attention of Your Potential Clients in Seconds!

With our simple system you’ll learn to tap into what really motivates your
perfect clients so you can express your full value, then communicate it quickly
and easily by just filling in the blanks.

Samantha Hartley

Dear Friend,

We’ve all been there… you’re at a networking event, meeting new people at a social gathering, or even just striking up conversation in the parking lot, and then comes the dreaded question: “what do you do?”

It’s even worse when they’re someone you KNOW you could help with your services! As you speak, you can see their eyes glaze over, and sometimes you ramble on and on, hoping you’ll stumble on the right thing to say.

Can I let you in on a secret?

Some solopreneurs go through life very differently. They know exactly what to say to perk up the ears of their perfect clients in seconds – and they get clients with ease, seemingly without even trying.

“I got a 7 year long training engagement worth over six figures each year!”

“One day I finally got the nerve and struck up a conversation with a lady I’ve often seen at the parking garage at a hotel I train at. When I answered her question – ‘What do you do?’ – her eyes widened… her jaw dropped… and she said, ‘I know someone you need to talk to.’ From that unexpected contact I got a 7 year-long training engagement worth over six figures each year!”

Emra Smith
Love Living Today

The sad truth, though, is that the vast majority solopreneurs unintentionally ruin their marketing messages – and chase away potential clients in the process

The good news? While most solopreneurs struggle, they don’t have to!

There are proven ingredients for creating Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages™

Think about a loaf of bread. In it’s simplest form, it’s just four ingredients – flour, water, yeast, and pinch of salt – and yet when mixed, kneaded, and baked the right way, it can cause customers to storm the bakery when it’s fresh out of the oven.

The amazing thing about all of the marketing messages that grab prospective clients and have them begging for your business card – or your help – is that in their simplest form they also consist of just four ingredients.

When you have the right recipes, mixing the ingredients together in the right way is simple… and effective!

“…closed a project worth over $150,000.”

“I worked with Samantha to define my marketing message … it has given me a lot of confidence and this week I started working on the largest customer project I’ve ever closed, worth over $150,000.”

Stephen Moulton
Action Insight

Learn the time-tested secret recipes for compelling marketing messages

When you follow tested-and-proven recipes to the letter, you get delicious results every time. And the same applies to marketing messages.So, what do YOU need to do create your own marketing messages that drop jaws – and get you clients?

Introducing Enlightened Marketing’s

“How to Create Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages™”

In this multi-media training course, we’re spilling the beans on how you can create your own
Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages with clarity, confidence and ease.


“I was able to obtain my very first PERFECT CLIENT who pays my hourly fee without blinking an eye, no questions at all and that makes my heart sing – big time!”

Jones LR Jones Partnership

Here is what you will learn in this paint-by-numbers implementation program:

Module 1: The Secret Recipe for Jaw-Dropping Marketing

In this module I’ll show you the components you must prepare before you can develop your messages and exactly how to grab their attention in seconds.

BONUS: 5-Step checklist to guarantee your messages follow the client-getting recipe

Module 2: Craft Your Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™

Finally learn exactly what to say and when, so you’re never again tongue-tied when someone asks “What do you do?” You’ll learn no fewer than FIVE awesome paint-by-numbers formulas for Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ that have prospects reach for your business card in 1 minute or less.

BONUS: Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ CheatSheets for creating 5 irresistible Jaw-Dropping Self-Intros™

Module 3: Create Your Ultimate Message Generator™ (UMG!™)

We don’t call this the “ultimate” for nothing. In work with my private million-dollar clients, I’ve seen bank tellers write materials better than an ad agency!! You’ll be amazed at how easily you too can craft compelling, effective messages.This incredible document becomes your…

One-page business description… Home page… Outline of your signature speech… Preview of your welcome gift to subscribers to your newsletter… And more and more and more!

You’ll learn the exact formula for a UMG!™ that has clients saying OMG, I need that!

And I’ll even toss in:
BONUS: My proprietary templates for creating each of the 8 elements your UMG!™ must have

Module 4: Leverage Your UMG!™ to Get Clients

Now that you have the basics, we’ll show you how to dial up the effectiveness of ALL your marketing materials. Get the word out, and you’ll lose best-kept-secret status for good! 10 templates for cascading Your Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ make this paint-by-numbers simple.

LIVE Q+A Call for a Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ Makeover

Call in during the Q+A call to get your questions answered LIVE! Get a Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ Makeover … Have your specific question answered … Get feedback on parts of your UMG!™

Here’s What You Get

Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages Gold
“Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages 4 self-study video training modules” Yes Yes Yes
  • “Message Makeovers” Bonus Video
Yes Yes Yes
  • “LIVE Q+A Call for your own Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ Makeover”
Yes Yes Yes
Checklists, CheatSheets, Templates and Examples: 5-Step Secret Formula Checklist

  • Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ CheatSheet
  • 8-Step UMG!™ Template
  • 36 Ways to Use Your Self-Intro and Get Clients
  • 10 Templates for Cascading Your UMG!™
  • Lifetime Access to training, convenient MP3 audio downloads and transcripts of all videos
Yes Yes Yes
“Leveling Up Your Message,” a 5-video training for advanced marketers that includes: No Yes Yes
  1. Uncover What’s Unique about You
  2. Create Your Competitive, Authentic Niche
  3. Weave Powerful Stories into Your Marketing Materials
  4. How to Create Jaw-Dropping Messages for Your Products
  5. Overcome Fear of Getting Out There in a Big Way
No Yes Yes
Done-With-You Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ and UMG!™
  • 1 Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ Coaching Session with Samantha
  • 1 UMG!™ Coaching Session with Andy
No Yes
Done-For-You Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages
  • Done-For-You Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ crafted by Samantha
  • UMG! strategy session with Andy
  • Done-For-You UMG! crafted by Andy
No No Yes
Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting
Gold Done-with-You:
2 Payments of $397
Platinum Done-for-You:
4 Payments of $397

Jaw-Dropping Value

I’ve spent a decade developing these compelling recipes for Jaw-Dropping, Client Getting Messages, and they are central to what I teach in my $14,000 Platinum 90-Day Sustainable Business Makeover program. Most solo professionals realize that getting just one new client will pay for this training multiple times over. But what I love most of all … Your marketing and client attraction will be SO much easier forever after you learn these proven formulas!

Use This Calculator To Get Your Estimated ROI:


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Yes, I’m ready to talk about my business with confidence – attract the interest of prospective clients with ease – and get new clients!

Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting
Gold Done-with-You:
2 Payments of $397
Platinum Done-for-You:
4 Payments of $397
“I’d like to know more about you.”“I gave a shortened version of my introduction at a networking event last week and someone came up to me afterwards saying “You sound like you are doing interesting things with interesting people. I’d like to know more about you.”
Michele Zwillinger
Zwillinger Research

See you on the other side!

To your abundant success,

P.S. It feels so good when prospective clients’ eyes light up as they say, “OMG, I need that. Please, give me your card.” Learn how to make it happen – enroll in Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages™ today!